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Mediterranean - Greece, Montenegro, Croatia and Albania

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It is hard to imagine a more totally relaxing holiday than one aboard a traditional boat Gulet as it sails or motors along the beautiful Mediterranean coast.- Montenegro, Croatia or Albania.
Nudism charter or Nude Nudist cruise is one of the fastest growing segments of the travel industry. Nude Nudist vacationers now have choices such as Mediterranean cruises which become most famous nude nudist destination and the latest holiday trend. Nude Nudist sailing is very popular especially because it is close to all countries  in Europe, but our Guests fly from around the world to stay with us, as well.
East Mediterranean – Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania - Adriatic coast is a nude nudist dream come true offering the best and largest nude nudist beaches in the world - just waiting to be enjoyed.
Do you want to sail the sea naked? Then you are on right place, look no further, because Our Nude Nudist cruise offers naturist vacations such as clothing-optional cruises ,place where you can relax and feel totally free and have fun.
 Guests feel very safe and comfortable at nude nudist cruise as inappropriate behavior is not allowed.
Usually, we sail part of the day, stop for water sports, nude nudist beaches and lunch somewhere in the afternoon and for evening, put into an port for shopping, nightly, dining and dancing. Of course, sometimes we sail at night, too, depending upon the itinerary. You may also spend the night at some stops to enjoy the local flavor at the port of call.
This boat Gulet have accommodation for six openmind nude nudist couples, so you can plan a private lifestyle vacation with your nude nudist friends.
A boat Gulet is typically built of pine wood and styled with a pointed fore and round aft. Traditionally they have been hand made by master craftsmen from Bodrum area of Turkey, and hence are referred to as "Bodrum type " yachts or Gullets .
All the activities you would enjoy on a cruise are included in such a voyage except you enjoy it without clothes.
Specifically, these type of cruises permit you to enjoy a sailing experience without clothes for all ship occasions except for sit down meals and when in port. You may choose to be nude nudist, partially nude nudist or clothed while on the cruises. The choice is yours. It is quite refreshing that people can be however they are most comfortable. 
These cruises nudity is for people who want rid of all clothing impeding their freedom to enjoy the beauty of the naturalist lifestyle.
Our Nude Nudist Cruise provides a unique range of adult cruise events for curios and nude nudist openmind couples.
The nude nudist cruise gives you an incredible opportunity to shed their clothes and enjoy exciting activities like skiing, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, horse riding, wind surfing,
kite surfing, etc.
You can spend some romantic moments on deck, while being surrounded by the Adriatic deep blue sky that never ends.

Our Nude Nudist Cruise is the right choice, only for you.

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